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Cow pie bingo

Start selling tickets early on and let everyone know when the cow will enter the arena.
At last the moment everyone has been waiting for arrives.
People can then select their own lucky square and enter their name and phone number.
This could end up being more than one winner (up to, but not to exceed, 4 winners) who would share in the prize money equally.Chicken Poop Fundraiser cash cow lottery ticket Poop Pool Fundraiser experience the sweet smell of success while hosting casino party usa a cow pie fundraising event during a country fair, rodeo or other event. .It is stolen, I mean leveraged, from the Akita folks.Because where there's muck there's money!The basic idea, the basic idea is pretty straight-forward.A cow is turned loose on a fenced-in area which has been marked off in 500 three-foot, numbered squares. .This is where Cock A Doodle Poo can be a great alternative.Selling the squares, the best way to do this is to mark off a corresponding grid of squares on a large piece of card.For most people playing however it is really all a bit of fun.

People buy a square.
Then a chicken is put into a cage where it walks atop a grid of numbers.
The winning square would get 500, the rescue fund would get the rest.
People love to pet the cow and take photos of it with their kids etc.
They set up a large pen, put a dog in after he had just eaten, and sold 12 inch X 12 inch squares of the territory for 20 a square.Once all the spaces have been claimed, turn the cow loose on the grid and wait the winner picks up a cash prize or something donated by a local business.The owner of the square that cartman sings poker face episode receives the first dollop wins.The advantage of Cock-A Doodle-Poo is that it doesn't take too much space making it perfect for a great many fundraising events, fetes and fairs.They might even help run the event for you.