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Affs 1280800 LCD option.
15 Lenovo T540p.45lbs (2.48kgs).
15 misc premium business Dell E6530, M4700 HP 8570P, 6570B Lenovo W530, T530 i7-quad, M4000(HD7750M K2000M (GT640M), 900P/1080P.15 misc premium business E6520, M4600 HP 8560P, 6560B Lenovo W520, T520 classic card games online 900P/1080P, i7-quad option.17 Dell M6600.77lbs (3.50kgs).14 Asus B43.46lbs (2.48kgs).38 google slots games free eu thick.

15 Fujitsu E751.50lbs (2.50kgs).
17 HP ZBook 17.70lbs (3.50kgs).
I7-quad upgradable 15 Acer P453.72lbs (2.60kgs).
Boston Power Sonata 48Whr 3cell.
14 Fujitsu LH701.18lbs (1.90kgs).I7-quad, ngff.2 slot, 900P.15 Lenovo P50.71lbs (2.59kgs).12 HP 2570P.20lbs (1.90kgs).15 Lenovo Y560p.94lbs (2.70kgs).12 Dell E6230.50lbs (1.59kgs).13 Toshiba R30.40lbs (1.55kgs).15 HP ZBook 15.20lbs (2.82kgs).