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Is buying lottery tickets a sin

is buying lottery tickets a sin

My personal conviction is that I do not buy lottery tickets.
Taking a dollar every 15 seconds from senior citizens.
I perceive that the Lord Jesus is not particularly excited to watch us throw money away.
Now, all I have to do is win!Education, the Elderly, and the Environment.(in one year, G-Tech earned 700 Million promoting lotteries.).We buy a ticket and receive value in diamond bar high school bingo the form of enjoying the movie and in experiencing it together.A recent survey shows that states who have lotteries spend less than states who do not have them and have to rely on taxes.That sound advice is the opposite to that of televangelists who preach that God wants us to get rich and thereby replace donations to them.On a single day during the holidays, one casino advertised it takes.5M in order to show how much it pays out.

70 of all lottery money comes from 20 of the population, and those from mostly the poor who can least afford.
The answer is yes as it is with all advice about evil.
That figure is now probably closer to all states.I used to buy them myself using the same rationale to justify my actions.The glitter is incredible.Is it a sin to play the lottery?Indian reservations in nearly every state now have casinos with open gambling such as poker, roulette, dice and slot machines.The KJV lists 2 verses which almost seem to approve of gambling, or at least to seek after what is not our own.