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Jackpot bags

This is probably the highest risk/reward bag.
When they examine the contents, bingo augusta maine they find a consolation message.
Factionless champions (like fiddle and noc) won't be available.
With the new Odyssey missions, Riot added the "Odyssey Gem which allows players to choose from previous "jackpot" bags: Revel Bags: 5 skin shards (520, 750, 975, 1350, 1820).No forces, or multiple outs.VS Bag: Drops 5 skins, vERY slightly better chance to get the desired champion if they belong to a faction.Birdie Bag: complete set of skins for one skin line.Great if desiring a certain skin line.Now each of the rewards is obviously situational, but I wanted to see what the expected "value" out of each jackpot bag would.Tldr: So although there's a bit of estimation here, I would say the two best jackpot bags would be the champion bags and the birdie bags.

Birdie Bag, about 350 skins available 1/63 chance of getting desired skin line.
The last bag (your choice) has the "Jackpot" - an expensive watch, or a pile of money.
Crab Bag drops SIX skin shards, guaranteed chance of an adc, very high chance of a mid laner.Performer displays four colored bags.Champion Bag: complete set of non-mythic skins for one champion.Guaranteed assassin of some kind, champion Bag: There are 842 skins that you can get from crafting (872 skins - 30 unavailable).VS Faction Bag: Drops 5 skin shards from champions in the same Runterra region (Shurima, Bandle City, Piltover, etc.).Crab Bag: SIX skin shards from each role (assassin, fighter, mage, marksman, support, tank).The average price of skins should be a lot higher than the other bags since a lot of the skins in the skin lines are 1350.With 141 champions, that makes it so that there's an average.81 skins per champion.I didn't feel like calculating out the average skin price in the game since it takes a LOT of work, but I did it a while back and it was a bit below 1350, so I think that it's safe to assume that the average.