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Wsop structure

wsop structure

By comparison, in a 1,600 DSE event, itll be more like.
Three structures compared for the first 20 levels calculation: Log10(starting stack/cost per round ignore the numbers on the vertical axis including the fact that they go into the negative (thats just a result of zeus slot machine free play quests calculating the log of the number).
They reference it but don't even link to themselves.Is the new wsop Monster Stack event as good a structure as everyone seems to think?With the Monster Stack, players should have the best of both worlds.In order to take advantage of the fish throwing their chips around early, you have to gamble.The issue of starting stack sizes at the wsop has been burning for many years.This year marks a watershed, as the wsop is finally relenting on that gearing albeit for one tournament.All the while, however, the wsop resolutely refused to cheapen their structure, and always geared the buy in to the number of starting chips.

This is the area where the cheaper wsop events have always been perceived to perform badly, and it bears out in the numbers.
The new schedules are designed to increase the rewards to players who finish in the money but dont reach the final table.
So lets have a look at my point (b) next.
Ignore the absolute values of the numbers, because at this point in the tournament, players will have busted, so the average stack will be higher.
But eventually the fish will cotton on to the fact that they are losing money too quickly.This plays havoc with your bankroll, but if players bust out earlier than they do in non-wsop events, you will have, on average, a much better stack to blind ratio than is suggested by the graph.Ive tabulated the cost per round for each of the first 20 levels in each tournament.This thought would need to be tested by measuring actual stack/blind ratios at each level of each tournament.And I do believe that the wsop has way more fish.Theres a major caveat, however.It makes no sense.To put it bluntly, they wont be as likely to luckbox their way into the money as they are with the standard wsop events.

The higher the line is up the graph, the better the stack/blind ratio.
The expectation is that the event will have a huge field, and it is due to run for four days.
The bigger starting stack is a particular boon in the wsop events, given that the starting blinds are 25/25.